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Cheryl's Gourmet Pantry

Cocktail Receptions

If you have an idea for something that is not on our menu, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our chefs love new food ideas and will do their best to accomodate. Contact us to place an order.

Cheryl’s Appetizer Menu

Minimum order of 3 dozen each.

Fish and Seafood (Served Hot)       

 Fish & Seafood (Served Cold)

Chicken, beef and pork (Served Hot)

Chicken, beef and pork (Served Cold)

Veggie PlatterVegetarian (Served Hot)

  • Cremini mushrooms baked with creamy goat’s cheese and braised leeks ($36.00/dz)

  • Cremini mushrooms baked with spinach, artichokes, and three cheeses ($36.00/dz)

  • Spinach and feta pies with fresh mint; served with tzatziki ($36.00/dz)

  • Vine ripened tomato & boccocini bruschetta with fresh basil and balsamic syrup ($30.00/ dz)

  • French brie and cranberry compote phyllo pies ($36.00/dz)

  • Curried potato and chickpea samosas served with mango lime dipping sauce ($36.00/dz) (vegan)

  • Caramelized red onion and gorgonzola pizzettes with fresh thyme ($36.00/dz)

  • Local and exotic mushrooms with fresh thyme and a hint of cream; served on crispy polenta ($36.00/dz)

  • Little grilled cheese and carmelized red onion sandwiches ($48.00/dz)

  • Crispy sesame tofu and green onion skewers with creamy ginger sauce ($36.00/dz)

Vegetarian (Served Cold)


English style tea sandwiches

  • House roast beef with cheddar and horseradish 

  • Maple ham and Havarti with dijon

  • Roasted chicken breast with cranberry compote

  • Smoked salmon & lemon dill cream cheese 

  • Egg salad with fresh dill

  • Poached asparagus and tarragon cream cheese rolls (seasonal)

  • English cucumber with fresh mint and butter            

[Served on thinly sliced whole wheat & white bread, crusts removed]

                 $30.00 per dozen pieces

Cheryl’s Platter Menu


Smoked Salmon Platter

$125.00 small, $195.00 large

Santa Fe layer dip


Fresh vegetable crudité

$65.00 small, $90.00 large

Italian antipasto platter

$150.00 small, $225.00 large

Fine cheese and fresh fruit platter

$120.00 small, $155.00 large

Mediterranean platter

$150.00 small, $195.00 large

Charcuterie platter

$150.00 small, $225.00 large

Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin

Market Price

Cheryl’s Suggested Cocktail Menus

Menu #1

Recommended for a 1-1 ½ hour reception (10 pieces per person)

$45.00 per person


Fish & Seafood:

Poultry & Meats:



Menu #2

Recommended for a 2-2 ½ hour reception (14 pieces per person)

$60.00 per person

Fish & Seafood:

Poultry & Meats:



The Ultimate Cocktail Party

$95.00 per person

Grazing Table





Fish & Seafood:

Poultry & Meats:


Afternoon Tea Reception

$28.00 per person