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Cheryl's Gourmet Pantry


Cheryl's Gourmet Pantry has been providing Gourmet Take Out, Catering Services, and Picnic Baskets for over 31 years. Cheryl's is known for the high quality of food and service offered.

Cheryl's is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients available and strongly supports local farmers, cheese makers, fishermen and wineries.

Cheryl's Gourmet has always operated on the fundamental principle of offering only the very best to all of our clients.

Our shop is located at 2009 Cadboro Bay Rd in Victoria, B.C. Canada.


 Free Local, Weekday Deliveries over $50.00


We want to make sure that our customers are able to enjoy Cheryl’s amazing range of products on their terms, and at their convenience. If you can’t make it to us, Cheryl will make it to you. To that end, Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry will be offering free local deliveries of $50.00 or more.


delivery surcharge may apply if the order is under $50.00, or if the destination is outside of Oak Bay. Please inquire!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss our range of options and delivery schedule (at 250-595-3212).




Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry Menu September 20th – 24th



-Italian Wedding Soup with Meatballs, Spinach, Orzo, and Tomatoes

-Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup


Sides per serving $5.00

-Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

-Brown Butter and Parmesan Egg Noodles

-Root Vegetable Mash



-Roasted Vegetable Lasagna sml: $15.95 lrg: $28.95

-Beef Lasagna sml: $15.95 lrg: $28.95

-Beef Shepard’s Pie sml: $15.95 lrg: $28.95

-Chicken Alfredo sml: $15.95 lrg: $28.95


Artisan Salads $5.00 per serving

-Roasted Butternut Squash with Goat Cheese

-Beets with Gorgonzola and Roasted Almonds

-Red Cabbage and Kale Slaw               

-Asian Vegetables with Ginger Dressing

-Roast Chicken with Cheddar, Candied Pecans, and Cranberries

- Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Boccocini with Fresh Basil


Boxed Salad

-Spinach and Romaine with Bacon, Egg, Mushrooms, Havarti, Sweet Pepper, and Red Onion with Honey Yogurt Dill Dressing $14.95



Chicken (Prepared with local farmhouse poultry)

-Spinach and Feta Stuffed Breast of Chicken with a Sundried Tomato Sauce (GF) $14.95

-Coq a Vin (thighs) with Red Wine, Pearl Onions, and Mushrooms $15.95


Fish and Seafood

-Wild Sockeye Salmon with Braised Leeks baked in Phyllo $16.95

-Seafood Crepes with Crab, Prawns, and Scallops with Tarragon Cream Sauce $15.95



-Beef Stroganoff served with Brown Butter and Parmesan Egg Noodles $18.95

-Pork Schnitzel with Caramelized Onions $14.95

-Chipotle Beef Burritos $13.95



-Homemade Sausage Rolls $5.95

-Spinach Roll $7.95

-Wild Sockeye Salmon Rolls $8.95


From the Freezer

-Chicken pies $10.95/$33.00

-Steak and mushroom pies $10.95/$33.00

-Spinach Feta Pies $36 per dozen

-Scones $18.00



-GF Chocolate Mousse Cups $6.95

-Individual Coconut Cream Pies with Vanilla Whipped Cream $4.50

-Black Forrest Trifle Cups with Brandy $6.95

-Vanilla Buttercream Tarts with Lemon Curd (almond tart base) $3.50

-Date Bars $3.95

-Blueberry Oat Bars $3.95

-Turtle Brownies $3.95

-Fruit Crumbles and Loaves



Cheryl’s Gourmet Thanksgiving Menu

**Available for pick up Saturday October 9th between 10:00 and 1:00 only!**


 Thanksgiving Dinner- $40 Per Person

v  Slow roasted young turkey (hand carved, white and dark meat)

v  Rich turkey gravy (GF option available)

v  Fresh sage and sundried cranberry dressing (GF option available)

v  Cranberry and Orange compote

v  Creamy whipped mashed potatoes with cream and butter

v  Root vegetable mash (carrots, parsnips, and rutabaga)

v  Susanna’s famous pumpkin pie with maple meringue

A la Carte Menu

v  Rich turkey gravy (GF option available)                                  $20.00 per litre

v  Fresh sage and sundried cranberry dressing (GF option available) $6.00/serv.

v  Cranberry orange compote                                                             $6.00/250ml

v  Creamy whipped mashed potatoes with cream and butter           $5.00/serv.     

Note: Sorry, but we are not able to provide turkey only or additional turkey to full dinners.                                            

From Cheryl’s Bakery

v  Homemade pumpkin pie with maple meringue

o   Individual 4”                                                                   $6.95

o   Full pie (Serves 4-6)                                                         $25.00

v  Apple Pie (serves 4-6)                                                                 $25.00












Hours of Operation


We are open from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM Monday to Thursday, and from 10:00 AM until 4:30 on Fridays.

Our shop is closed Saturdays,  Sundays, and statutory holidays. We are available to provide catering on days when the shop is closed.


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