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Cheryl's Gourmet Pantry

Cheryl's Gourmet Thanksgiving Menu


--Click here for a printable version--

Cheryl’s Gourmet Thanksgiving Menu

**Available for pick up Saturday October 8th only!**

$37.00 Per Person

  Slow roasted young turkey (carved, white and dark meat)

  Rich turkey gravy

  Fresh sage and sundried cranberry dressing

  Cranberry citrus compote

  Creamy mashed potatoes

            Local Brussel sprouts with parmesan cream

  Root vegetable puree

  Homemade pumpkin pie with maple meringue


A la Carte Menu

  Slow roasted turkey (carved, white and dark meat)    $5.95 per 100g (suggested serving 250g)

  Rich turkey gravy                                                                              $20.00 per litre

  Fresh sage and sundried cranberry dressing                                        $5.00 / serv.

  Cranberry orange compote                                                                 $5.95/250ml                                                   

  Creamy whipped mashed potatoes                                                      $5.00 / serv.                                                   

  Brussel sprouts with double smoked bacon, cream, and nutmeg          $5.00 / serv.

  Root vegetable mash                                                                          $5.00 / serv.

  Butternut squash and apple soup w/ maple syrup                               $6.95 per person

  Artisan greens and endive salad with crisp apple, sundried cranberries and roasted hazelnuts (apple cider vinaigrette)                                   

                                                                                                             $7.95 / serv.


From Cheryl’s Bakery

Pumpkin spiced crème brûlée                                       $6.95

Pumpkin spice cheesecake (serves 10-12)                     $50.00

Cranberry orange loaves                    sml. $8.95     lrg. $14.95

Pumpkin spice loaves                        sml. $8.95     lrg. $14.95

Whole homemade apple pie                Sml. Serves two $6.95

                                                           Lrg. Serves six $20.00

     Whole homemade pumpkin pie with maple meringue              

                                                           Sml. Serves two $6.95

                                                 Lrg. Serves six $20.00

                                                Tarts               $2.95