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Cheryl's Gourmet Pantry

Cheryl's Festive Snacks and Finger Foods


From the Freezer

-Spinach and feta phyllo pies $33.00/dz

-French brie and cranberry compote phyllo pies $33.00/dz

-Roasted garlic and gorgonzola phyllo kisses $33.00/dz

-Mini beef Wellington $42.00/dz

-Bried stuffed with gorgonzola and roasted garllic wrapped in phyllo $15.95

-Brie stuffed with cranberry orange compote wrapped in puff pastry $15.95

-Cheryl's Party Mix $9.95/bag 

-Dips and spread -- changes daily


Frozen Meat Pies and Casseroles

-Traditional French Canadian tourtiere with veal, pork, and beef $33.00 (large only)

-Steak and mushroom pies $9.95 small/ $30.00 large

-Chicken and vegetable pies $9.95 small/ $30.00 large


Lasagnas (serves 8-10)

-Beef lasagna $65.00

-Roasted vegetable $60.00

-Seafood lasagna $80.00

-Chicken, artichoke, and sundried tomatoes $70.00